Unique Company Culture
Act like soldier

Each Jinpeng people like a soldier, vigorous and resolute, stand by their words, have very strong executive force and fighting capacity!

In recent years, jinpeng family continued fighting in above 50 degrees of the Sahara desert for more than five years, successively built more than ten gold mines, let African people out of poverty and get rich.

If there is no military reinforced steel frame, how can we fight in world mining industry?

Tigers Sudan realistic diary

See jinpeng tiger how to hard struggle in Sudan

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Learn skills like school

What is a good corporate? It is a place that teach you real skills, let you achieve real value, and start your dream.

Jinpeng is not only a company, but also a school of education. In recent years, with the help of training group, use the type of "go out, come in", jinpeng team unite as one, study hard and make progress.

Is it the playground of school? No, it is the first lesson per day of Jinpeng family.

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Love each other like a family

Don't ask why, please kindly call us “jinpeng family”,We are loving family.Jinpeng staff are loving family.


In order to reduce the living cost for employees and eat safe vegetables, organic food, green food, Jin Peng Company opens up a jinpeng ecological plantations where grow many kinds of vegetables.

Enterprise mission

Help mining industry growth,enrich our country,fighting for revitalization of mining industry in the world!

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