Honduras 500 t/d gold flotation plant

Honduras customers personally visited jinpeng factory, and highly praised the quipment manufacturing level.After that, we signed the EPC contract without any hesitation. The project is 500 t/d gold flotation project, as the best supplier and service company for gold ore dressing, we have provided the professional guidance to our customer. At present,we are in the period of manufacturing the equipment.

Schedule:Manufacturing the equipment



Mine Design Institute
Project :
Hundreds mining projects in more than 30 countries
Majors :
Geology,Shaft building,mining, Mining machine, Mineral processing, Smelting, Civil engineering, Electricity, General drawing, Water supply and drainage ,Tailing treatment, Heating and Ventilation,ect
Project Process

This project uses gravity+flotation method.for gravity,we choose jig and shaking table,and the gravity concentrate for smelting,gravity tailing to classify for separation,and then go to flotation system.Flotation uses one rougher one concentrate and one four scavenging method.Flotation tailing to the tailing dam,and concentrate go to smelt after dehydration

Process introduction

Flotation used for handling high sulfide minerals .Using flotation, we can maximum collect the gold from the sulfide minerals, the tailing can be directly discarded. Low processing cost, 80% of rock gold deposits in China are using this technology to choose

Flotation process including dosing, mixing, inflatable, blow a bubble and so on.

Main influence factors including grinding fineness, pulp density, reagent dosage, inflating volume, flotation time, etc.Usually, these process conditions require beneficiation test and practical experience to determine.

Application Field

Gold flotation technology is suitable for processing gold grains finer, good flotability of gold-bearing sulfide ore, in the process of flotation, sulfide ore as the carrier of gold was enriched in sulfide concentrate, flotation process can also be used to process the polymetallic gold sulfide ore and carbonaceous ore etc.

Flowchart process

Flotation process is one of the important factors that affect the mineral flotation, the selection of proper process mainly depends on the nature of the ore, is easy to operate, low running cost and at the same time to consider such factors as the maximum recovery of useful minerals

For a single gold content, relatively coarse granularity are uniformly embedded cloth, granularity of gold flotation, usually adopt a grinding process. For gold in the uneven thickness of grain disseminated gold deposit, is usually used mercury or gravity separation equipment before flotation. If the ore characteristic is complex,the flotation process is also be complex.

There are various types of flotation machine, new type of flotation column and flotation equipment also has been applied in the gold mine.

XJK type flotation machine is traditional self-priming type flotation machine, JJF type, SF, BF flotation machine is a new type of self-priming type flotation machine,air inflation agitation type flotation machine is currently the most competitive flotation devices, the type of equipment has simple structure, low air filling and dispersed uniformly, the impeller speed, low energy consumption, wear light etc, and at the same time, this type of equipment also make large-scale mineral processing equipment, including KYF flotation machine ,the largest single tank volume reached 320 m³.



We have a very strict management for each project, and one people will be responsible for each project from the beginning to the end,which can make sure the whole process smoothly.

Design institute will start from engineering design, precise positioning technology and its products, not only guarantee the technology, but also reduce customer cost and choose the best process.

At the same time, we have a very strict quality management for equipment production,and have passed the ISO 9001:2008 international quality certification. Several large automatic CNC cutting machine, CNC automatic welding machine, 5 meters CNC vertical lathe, CNC lathe, CNC boring machine, and has the longest 15 meters large lathe in Shandong, all of this can guarantee the accuracy of the equipment and the appearance of fine quality.

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