Molybdenum Dressing Production Line

Combined but flotation priority process is the most use in molybdenum ore with copper , the valuable minerals in the molybdenum ore with gold are molybdenite , pyrite , chalcopyrite.

Purpose :
Precious experimental test,costom-made the best process
Majors :
Support:50 beneficiation experts,10 laboratories Devote to mineral processing technology researching for 30 years,the mineral recovery rate increased by 40%-70%.


Molybdenum dressing production line can be used for single or refractory molybdenum with complex properties, close sulfide minerals symbiosis and fine particle distribution


Flotation for the molybdenum ore with less copper ,usually use mixed and priority process . The minerals in the molybdenum ore are molybdenite , pyrite , chalcopyrite , use molybdenum-copper mixed process , pyrite tailings flotation , copper – molybdenum separation and partial mixed flotation priority process .

Copper –molybdenum separation and molybdenum concentrate mainly use sodium sulfide and sodium cyanide process . After processing the molybdenum ore will be 0.1% , enrichment ratio 430~520,concentrate 12 times .

Molybdenum ore processing and equipment

Molybdenum ore rough crushed by Jaw crusher , then grinded into a suitable particles transport by conveyor to storage .

1.Feeded by feeder into ball mill for grinding

2.The product after ball mill is transported to classifier , according the different gravity and size , wash and classify the minerals .

3.The slurry agitated with reagents into flotation machine , the flotation machine includes tank , air inflation and agitation system , in the flotation machine , the specific chemical is used for make the float encapsulate the useful minerals , then scratch the float .  

4.Dewatering by high quality thickener and filter of the concentrate , and the concentrate is the final product .



General process and Feature

1.  crushing and classify

Mix rough separation and then grinding , to make separating the molybdenum and copper , its minimum the cost

2.  enforce the flotation , increase the grade

reagents adding is strictly controlled in the rough separation , make sure the useless circling and damage , in the help of the second enrichment , and adding water property to reduce the impurity and enforce the flotation process .

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